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Off the Shelf

By Cpl. Damian Shovell, Army: The Soldiers' Newspaper (Australia)
April 20, 2006

Lee Miller — model, actress, inventive photographer and among other things, war correspondent. This full-length biography is a fabulous read and a great insight into her remarkable life and those of the 1930s and 40s avant-garde, as she was involved with many of the leading artists in Paris and New York including Jean Cocteau and Man Ray. This in some ways later detracted from the recognition she deserved for her own work in photography. The period around World War II is of particular interest. During the war she helped produce a book in London titled Grim Glory: Pictures of Britain Under Fire. And later, as a US war correspondent, she photographed the Allied liberation of France, then went on to witness the fall of Nazi Germany (the photo of her in Hitler's bath is still considered an iconic image), before photographing pits full of corpses, the skeletons, and the starving survivors scavenging for food in rubbish dumps at the concentration camps at Dachau and Buchenwald.