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Carolyn Burke

The New York Review of Books Al & Georgia & Beck & Paul

“…Burke has four narrative threads to weave—and does so with dexterity…”


American Photography ProPhotoDaily

“…a fascinating new book, 'Foursome,' which, notes author Carolyn Burke, charts 'the often contradictory
pulls of personal and artistic life [that] still speaks to us a century later…' ”


Artnet News

“Who doesn’t love a good love triangle (or quadrant, in this case)?
…a group portrait that reads like a who’s who of 20th century modernism.”


The Wall Street Journal

“This is a fascinating subject, and Ms. Burke does it complete justice, following each member of the foursome from the initial encounter with the others to their separate (and in some cases separated) deaths.”

The New York Times Book Review

“[A] fascinating, well-told history by Carolyn Burke…”


The National Book Review

“Burke, reflecting her deep insight into these vastly creative artists, makes ingenious connections in their correspondence and art that powerfully demonstrate that, even while plagued by tensions and rivalries, they elevated one another’s work.”


Publisher's Weekly

“The lives of a quartet of some of the most influential painters and photographers of the early 20th century are chronicled in this intimate and exhaustively researched group biography…This biography offers detailed insight into one of the most important periods in American art.”


Library Journal

“Seasoned biographer Burke … chronicles the intertwined lives of four 20th-century influencers who propelled American photography and painting through momentous decades … solidly researched.”


Washington Post

“Burke depicts with intelligent nuance the evolution of the couple’s intertwined personal and professional connection."



“A well-researched account of sensual artists.”


Booklist Online

“Burke’s expert and enthralling true saga illuminates key intimate and historical aspects of the lives of four extraordinarily creative, intrepid, and influential artists to profound effect.”


Penguin Random House

“Carolyn Burke mines the correspondence of the foursome to reveal how each inspired, provoked, and unsettled the others while pursuing seminal modes of artistic innovation. The result is a surprising, illuminating portrait of four extraordinary figures.”


Diane Johnson

“A fabulous read. A wonderful book.”