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"No Regrets pays
Piaf the supreme compliment of coming from both the heart and head of its author.”

The Sunday Express (U.K.)

Carolyn Burke


cover of "No Regrets"Carolyn Burke was born in Sydney, spent many years in Paris, and now lives in Santa Cruz, California. Her biographies of artists, expatriates, and travellers have been published in many countries. The most recent, No Regrets: The Life of Edith Piaf, is considered the definitive life of the chanteuse.


cover of "No Regrets"The beloved French singer comes to life in this enthralling biography, which captures Piaf's charismatic appeal along with the time and place that gave rise to her career.

Throughout 2015, the centenary of Piaf's birth, tributes were paid to the singer in France and around the world. Burke is collaborating with singers in Paris and San Francisco on programs to transmit Piaf's magic; Burke’s French edition of the book, No Regrets – Non, je ne regrette rien (Éditions Bartillat), was featured at the 2015 Bibliothèque Nationale de France's Edith Piaf exhibition.

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cover of "No Regrets"Upcoming. Carolyn is working with The Edward Morgan Ballet to develop a theatrical presentation based on No Regrets.

cover of "No Regrets"December 17, 2015. BBC4 “Singing Piaf with No Regrets,” in which Carolyn sings and talks with chanteuse Caroline Nin. speaker icon Listen to the podcast.

cover of "No Regrets"December 17, 2015. BBC4 “Front Row.” Carolyn interviewed for Piaf’s centenary. speaker icon Listen to the podcast.

cover of "No Regrets"December 5, 2015. “L’Amour des livres.” Charles Ficat interviews Carolyn for Piaf’s centenary. speaker icon Listen to the podcast (in French).

cover of "No Regrets"November 4 & 5, 2015. Hotel Nikko, San Francisco. Carolyn and chanteuse Betty Roi present a soirée of words and music in celebration of the life of the Little Sparrow. Read about the event.

cover of "No Regrets"October 10, 2013. New York. Carolyn takes part in "Celebrate Edith Piaf," a Google+Hangout discussion on the 50th anniversary of her death. Watch the event.